Just Right for You?

Here's why an Our365 Newborn Photography Franchise could
be the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

Quite simply, it's an outstanding opportunity

If you have the desire and dedication, we have the tools you'll need to build a professional photography business. Creating beautiful photographs of a baby's first days brings tears of joy to parent's eyes and professional satisfaction and a significant sales opportunity to you.

In addition to the sales you'll make capturing those unforgettable first moments and taking baby's first Official Newborn Portrait, these new customers can generate incremental sales for you. As their families grow, additional professional photography opportunities will abound. We like to call it the potential photography lifetime value of mom.

The Core Concept

As an Our365 Franchisee Professional Photographer, you'll manage and run the Our365 operation at a specified number of Our365 contracted hospitals in a given geography. From photography to sales to managing the hospital relationship on a day-to-day basis, you'll be in charge.

We'll help you step right in to our established business model, provide you with a professional digital photography system, comprehensive training, Our365 Newborn Photography product fulfillment through our state-of-the-art lab, supplies, marketing materials, a 100-person customer care call center, WebNursery® our robust website to post your newborn photos, and of course, full operational and back office support.

If you are a success minded entrepreneur, you'll have a consistent flow of potential customers from the start and the professional tools and training you'll need to build a great photography business.

Why Our365?

  • Our365 is dedicated to delighting moms and hospitals with beautiful newborn photography everyday. Our research shows that moms highly value this service and place it consistently at the top of hospital satisfaction surveys.
  • With over 60 years of industry expertise, Our365 is the national leader commanding a 75% market share through exclusive contracts with approximately 2,000 hospitals nationwide.
  • Our 1,600 professional and associate photographers capture the first precious moments of over 1.7 million babies a year.
  • We deliver high quality photography to every mom and offer the broadest variety of professional photography products at a range of affordable price points for every family.
  • Our WebNursery® showcases your newborn photography to family and friends on the web, and Our365.com offers expert tips and advice, deals and discounts, and community boards to keep mom's connected after they leave the hospital.
  • Plus, you can offer moms the opportunity to receive great offers and discounts on brands they know and trust through our free "Parent Perks" program.

So, is an Our365 Franchise just right for you?

If you're looking for a "love it" job creating and selling an in-demand product with a quality company that provides customers from the start and all the tools you'll need, fill out our form to schedule a "get acquainted" conversation. We're looking forward to chatting with you.

P.S., For more information about Our365, please visit: www.Our365.com